Glasgow's Railway Arch Murals & SWG3

The Railway Arch Project is an ambition of SWG3 and the Yardworks Project to create Scotland’s largest outdoor art gallery of street based art. Each year the arches will be updated with new murals and street art.

SWG3 is an art space and holds a festival each May to showcase talent from across the world. The railway arches are adjacent to SWG3 and they are located next to the busy Clydeside Expressway, one of the main roadways into Glasgow. Around this area you can walk across a bridge to the Clydeside Distillery, SEC and Transport Museum. You can walk to SWG3 in around 30 minutes from the Charing Cross area of Glasgow.

I visited in March 2020 and the below are the current works of art.

Visit the area yourself and also check out @yardworksglasgow on Instagram

Let us know below which is your favourite!



Dedicated to his childhood friend and crew mate who sadly passed away while painting on the railway tracks @markworst

'shy weans don't get sweets' well known Scottish phrase @coboltcollective



Impressive self- taught calligraphy @jayventone



'When society breaks down into anarchy and the betting shops and libraries pull their shutters, only the street dads are left to clean up the mess' Featuring the artisrs dads @ciaranglobel and @conzo_throb

@ohayemate @theguzler & @kinglisty

Tribute to the John Carpenter film 'Christine' @artisanartworks