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Flight Checker Jet2 PMI - GLA

Airline- Jet2

Date- 19th June 2019

Flight Number- LS140

Route- Palma Mallorca to Glasgow International PMI-GLA

Aircraft Type- Boeing 737-800

Flight Time- 3 hours

Departure Time-1200 left 15 minutes late at 1215

ETA- 1400

Time Difference from Departure- -1 hour

Seat Number- 12 E and 12 F

Seat- Wide pitch- lots of leg room. Pam was in the middle and the lady fought her the whole flight for who should have the middle arm rest. Lady was not a lady; she was common and didn’t keep herself to her own seat, throwing her jacket around on to Pam. There was no window directly next to Shannon but one just in front of him

TV- None

Occupancy- Almost full

Distance- 1175 miles

Crew- Checked in online before and printed tickets. No queue at check in. Overweight case moved bits. Guy very friendly and great customer service skills. Automatic announcements. Short and precise. Crew all very helpful and sweet

Hold luggage- 22kg luggage. Paid for luggage

Hand luggage- 1 drone bag, 1 rucksack with clothes, vaseline, 1 camera bag with cameras, passports and boarding passes

Flight price- £117 total

Meal- Good services and great selection of food and drink including nandos, toasties, wraps, pasta, chilli, chicken tikka, pot noodle, Starbucks coffee, and wide range of alcoholic beverages

Passengers- Pax in our seats. Were unhappy to move. Common, loud games, kids screeching, fight for middle arm rest, jacket thrown around multiple times, common. Pam’s family on board too

Exercise- Walks to stretch legs (and to chat to family)

Views from the window- Amazing views for most of the flight, we saw Palama and the rest of Mallorca, then Barcelona, then great views of Pyrenees and Andorra, and it was a lovely sunny and light cloud day in Scotland as we landed

Flight Reason- En route back home after 10 wonderful days in Mallorca

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