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Flight Checker Aurigny GCI- LGW

Airline- Aurigny (Aw-reen-ay)

Date- 22nd September 2019

Flight Number- GR610

Route- Guernsey to London Gatwick - GCI-LGW

Airport experience- We had checked in online beforehand. Guernsey Airport is small in size but functional, there is a new up-to-date security, and a decent size duty free, there is a bar and shop. The departure hall looks out onto the apron and you get to see the planes take-off and land

Hold Luggage- None

Hand luggage- 1 rucksack, 1 backpack and 1 holdall

Price- £132.28 for us both

Booked through-

Aircraft Type- Embraer 195

Flight Time- 1 hour

Departure Time- 1810

Time Difference from Departure- None

ETA- 1910

Seat- 21C & 21D Pam on the aisle and Shannon at the window (as always)

Flight Conditions- A little cloudy

Aircraft- New aircraft which looked fresh, surprisingly spacious inside. Seating configuration 2-2

TV- No

Occupancy- 122 seats and would approximate 80-90 pax

Crew- 3

Reading- Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh- gripping thriller

Meal- Buy on board snacks

Drinks- Buy on board drinks

Views From the Plane Window- The gorgeous island of Guernsey on departure, we circled due to traffic and got to see Brighton and its pier a few times


Herm & Sark


Passengers- We had family and friends on board as well

Exercise- short flight, no need

Flight Reason- Had been ‘home’ to Guernsey to celebrate Shannon’s parents silver wedding anniversary

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