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Flight Checker Loganair GLA-SEN

Airline- Loganair

Date- 20th September 2019

Flight Number- LM241

Route- Glasgow International Airport to London Southend – GLA- SEN

Airport- Checked in on line so headed straight for security and departures. Glasgow airport has various restaurants and cafes along with chemists, book shops and clothes shops

Hold luggage- Only took hand luggage

Hand luggage- 1 North Face holdall and 1 rucksack, I also had my Jack Wills backpack

Price- £89.62 for 2 seats

Aircraft Type- Embraer ERJ 145

Flight Time- 1 ½ hours

Departure Time- 0640

ETA- 0810

Seat Number- 15B

Flight conditions- morning mist over hills around Glasgow, lovely clear morning throughout then light cloud coming into land

Seat- Shannon had the window, I was next to him on the aisle, then a single seat across the aisle, but I moved around to get photos (lots of them). Decent seat pitch and there was awesome Harris Tweed headrest covers, very cute and a lovely touch

Aircraft- I believe when BMI went into administration Loganair bought their aircraft and took on their crew. The aircraft smelled of wee, don’t know why, I wasn’t near too near the toilet

TV- None, too busy looking at the views out of the window anyway

Occupancy- think it was a 46 seater aircraft and there was only about 12-13 of us on board

Time Difference from Departure- Same time

Crew- 2 crew, although this aircraft can be single crew. Cabin crew uniforms are gorgeous tartan outfits, bold and stylish

Reading- Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh > excellent book and totally recommend

Meal- Complimentary treats including Tunnocks Caramel Wafer and shortbread

Drinks- Complimentary drinks; we had a tea and a coffee

Views from the plane window- Gorgeous mist clinging to the hills and mountains as we departed. We had views of Liverpool and Birmingham and then London in the distance. The skies were busy with other aircrafts too. Had a lovely landing into Southend following the River Thames Estuary and the hundreds upon hundreds of houses

Take off from Glasgow

Take off from Glasgow

Cumbrae, Ayrshire




Flight Reason- We were surprising Shannon’s parents for their Silver Wedding Anniversary party in Guernsey (we then were hopping on a Blue Islands / Flybe flight). Also, I am totally an aviation geek and decided on this route specifically because I have never flown on Loganair; Scotland’s Airline, and I have never flown to London Southend

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