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Flight Checker Blue Islands SEN- GCI

Airline- Flybe, operated by franchise partner Blue Islands

Date-20th September 2019

Flight Number- BE6523

Airport- We were connecting from Glasgow, and had checked in on line beforehand, and had no hold luggage so headed thro ugh the security, which was sooooo long, it seemed 99% of passengers bags were being checked, ours included, only for them to say after a 10 minute wait, that actually ours was fine and had just went down the wrong belt! The airport was smaller than we imagined, but there was a shop and 2 restaurants, we went to one for breakfast and a well needed coffee

Hold luggage- hand luggage only

Hand luggage- 1 North Face holdall and 1 rucksack, I also had my Jack Wills backpack

Price- £99.22 for two of us

Route- London Southend to Guernsey – SEN- GCI

Aircraft Type- ATR 42

Flight Time- 1 hr 15

Departure Time- 1125

ETA- 1240

Flight conditions- clear the whole way with long range

Seat Number- Row 1, we were asked by the cabin crew to occupy the emergency exits so we had the whole row to ourselves

Seat- As it was the emergency exit, we had extra leg room and 2 seats each

Occupancy- 46 seats on board and around half full

Time Difference from Departure- None

Crew- Single crew occupancy

Views from the window- Great views throughout the flight, we saw London then the white cliffs of Dover and the South coast then we were out over the French coast at Cherbourg with all the Channel Islands glistening in the sun below us



South Coast of England








Reading- Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh

Meal- Food available to purchase on board. We snacked on ‘Love Corn’ which we brought with us, the snack is yummy and free from all the bad stuff, along with being gluten free and vegan, they also come in 3 flavours- Sea Salt, Smoked BBQ and our favourite (spicy) Smoked Habanero

Drinks- With me being ex crew for Blue Islands we got a cheeky little staff tea each

Flight Reason- We were heading to Guernsey to surprise Shannon’s mum and dad for their silver wedding anniversary. I deliberately chose to fly via Southend as this is a new route for Blue Islands, and having worked at the airline for 4 years I wanted to tick off this route too

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