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Flight Checker British Airways LGW- GLA

Airline- British Airways

Date- 22nd September 2019

Flight Number- BA2518

Route- London Gatwick- Glasgow International LGW- GLA

Airport Experience- We arrived into LGW from GCI (Guernsey) had a long walk from aircraft to main terminal building, had checked in beforehand so went straight through security which was fast and not complicated. Departures was heaving with flights being delayed (unsure why) and there were hundreds of people standing looking at departure screens. Our flight was on time and we headed to Itsu for amazing sushi and dumplings before heading to our gate, which had a massive queue. We had our faces scanned at security and then again at the gate, but no ID was asked

Hold Luggage- None

Hand Luggage- 1 holdall, 1 rucksack and 1 small backpack

Price- £73.44

Booked through-

Aircraft Type- A319-100

Flight Time- 1 hr 25

Departure Time- 2135

ETA- 2300

Seat Number-22 A and 22 B

Seat- Shannon was at the window (as always), Pam in the middle, with the seat by the aisle occupied. Lots of literature in the seat pocket but very tatty (as cabin crew my seat pockets would never be left in that state)

Aircraft- Felt a bit old but comfortable

TV- No

Occupancy-Hard to tell as we were near the back and didn’t get up at all, but departure gate didn’t look too busy

Time Difference from Departure- Same time zone

Crew- 3 I believe, but only 1 out with the service, which seemed to consist of the crew going up the cabin, asking everyone for their choices, writing it down, then coming back out later with it. The captain was the best we have ever heard, I wish I had caught his name. He was old school, with wacky declarations and great chat, very cool!

Reading- Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh

Meal- Food and snacks available to purchase, we had our favourite go to snack ‘Love Corn’ with us

Drinks- Drinks available to purchase

Views From The Plane Window- It was a night flight, and we had great views over a cloudless London, easily spotting football stadiums, train lines and Heathrow Airport, it was a mix of light cloud and clear skies the whole way up

Flight Reason- Had been to Guernsey for Shannon’s parents silver wedding anniversary party

Interesting Fact- I am a bit of an aviation geek, so planned an awkward journey to and from Glasgow as I wanted to travel to different airports, with different companies, and it has been a long time since we’ve flown with BA

Verdict- Crew have been strike recently and we thought we may notice some of this outcome but flight was great and as said, the captain amazing fun!

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