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Flight Checker | Thomas Cook GLA- PMI

Airline- Thomas Cook

Date- 9 June 2019

Flight Number- MT1584

Airport- Check-in at 4.15am. Not required to check in so hadn't but then told we should have- as extremely busy. So, we stood out of the check in queue and checked in online on our phone. Easy.

Hold luggage- Additional cost for luggage. 1x hold bag at 20kg @ £23

Hand luggage- 1 drone bag, 1 rucksack with extra clothes, trainers, food, hand and face cream, flight and hotel documents. 1 camera bag with cameras, passports and boarding passes.

Price- £218.98 for 2 seats and 1 luggage

Route- Glasgow International to Palma Mallorca / GLA- PMI

Aircraft Type- A321

Flight Time-3 hours

Departure Time- 0610. Left 5 minutes ahead of schedule at 0605

ETA- 1010

Time Difference from Departure- + 1 hour

Altitude- 36,000 ft

Flight conditions- Smooth but cloudy below, bumpy and seatbelts required around Southern France

Distance- 1175 miles

Seat Number- 3 A and 3 B (with 3C spare)

Seat- Good seat pitch and helped having spare seat. Both slept for around 1 hour. Shan had seat kicked before take-off then child moved behind me and put her hand firmly on my head whilst standing up to go to the toilet and whacked the tray table up and down around 10 times consecutively- both times whilst I was asleep.

TV- Shared TV on bulkhead, could plug in own headphones and listen. We didn’t though as it was such a short flight short

Occupancy- Quite a few spare seats aboard. Perhaps around 75% full.

Crew- Scottish, too busy taking about a Thailand trip to greet passengers. Young girl passenger had a broken leg sat in row 1, there was crew there or nearby on boarding, but it wasn’t until after take-off 1 crew questioned if she'd asked anyone to sit there as it was premium economy and she would have to move. Efficient service, just the one though due to time constraints and good clearing in.

Reading- Read Agatha Christie ‘Problem at Pollensa Bay and other stories’

Meal- Food and drink available to purchase on board or you can have prepaid for a meal. We ate in the airport terminal before flight and I brought crisps and fruit onboard.

Passengers- Mix of very young families, school age kids and lots of teenagers heading to Shagaluf (Magaluf). Everyone needed the toilet and there was always a queue- even during the turbulence, whilst seat belt signs were illuminated- crew didn’t care though as they were having a natter.

Exercise- Short flight but room to stretch

What we wore- Pam wore jeans, jumper and cardi (to save packing) and packed dress for day in Palma. Shan wore jumper and shorts.

Views from the plane window- Seen our cottage on take-off which was super cool!! And we took the long way to land in Palma and had amazing views of all over Mallorca

Flight Reason- Holiday with Pam’s family in Puerto Pollensa

Fly with Thomas Cook again?- Yes, they are a great airline

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